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Easy fix to “Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘ localhost(3306)”

While we use MySQL on our computers, we come across “Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘ localhost(3306)” regularly. Whenever this happens, the program is unable to access the MySQL command client and the local server to extract data for our project use. The primary reason for this issue is that the MySQL server might…
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How to use your Phone as a Second Display for free using Spacedesk?

In today’s time, we are multi-tasking millions of things on our computer and always wish to get a second display to make our life easier. A dual-monitor setup works like a charm if you are a hardcore multitasker. It takes less time to switch from one application to another with fewer clicks, thus saving time…
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How to access Google Chat and Room in Gmail?

Google is adding new features to the Gmail app to make it an “Integrated Workspace” for everyone. Previously, they had integrated Google Meet with Gmail, and you had the Mail and Meet section in it. Now, they came up with a new chat feature in the Gmail app and here is how you can access…
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