Android 12 might feature Hibernation Mode in it

Android 12 might feature Hibernation Mode in it


With the onset of 2021, we are eagerly waiting for the Android 12 Developer Preview. Though Google hasn’t given us any clue on it, we might see a new hibernation feature in it. XDA Developers noticed a change in the code submitted to AOSP, suggesting the arrival of this feature.

The code says “that manages app hibernation state, a state apps can enter that means they are not being actively used and can be optimized for storage.”


According to deduction, we can assume that if an app is under use in a long run, it will enter Hibernate mode. It will help users to free up on-device, helping them in improving the performance.

With this small snippet, we cannot get more information about this feature. We are not aware of on what basis this feature works. It could be on average usage time or maybe based on how frequently you access the app. Does the system automatically determine the eligibility or users can manually force apps to hibernate? Everything is uncertain for now, and we have to wait for more details on it.

According to XDA Developers, as the commits haven’t been merged yet, it is uncertain that this feature will make it’s way to Android 12 or not. We will get to know more about it once Google submits more codes to AOSP.


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