Apple trying to achieve true Matte Black Appearance

Apple trying to achieve true Matte Black Appearance


Recently, Apple announced Macbook and Mac Mini, driven by Apple Silicon Chips. We all are waiting for some 2021, where Apple will be launching their innovative Mac Series. Not only that, we might be able to see Matte Black Macbook too.

According to a patent application by Apple, they might be working on a Matte Black MacBook. Patent’s description says that acquiring Matte Black is one of the difficult tasks as compared to the dark grey colour.

” Enclosures for portable electronic devices can include an anodized layer that can be dyed in different colors in order to enhance their cosmetic appeal to consumers. However, certain colors are far more difficult to achieve than others. In particular, attempts by consumer electronic device manufacturers to achieve a true black color have fallen short.
Indeed, the best attempts have attained only a dark grey color. One challenge to achieving a true black color is that anodized metal can have a relatively high floss finish, which is capable of specularly reflecting large amounts of visible light.”

Source: US Patent and TradeMark

Not only that, the surface will be having a light-absorbing feature to achieve a black appearance.

“The described embodiments relate generally to etching a surface of a dyed anodized part. More particularly, the described embodiments relate to techniques for etching the surface of the dyed anodized part such as to form light-absorbing features that are capable of absorbing generally all Visible light incident upon the external surface such as to impart a black appearance.”

Source: US Patent and TradeMark

The patent consists of the images of iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch. Apple might be planning to launch Matte Black appearance Silicon-based MacBooks and other devices. At least in terms of colours, we can say something new is coming.

Featured Image Source: 9to5Mac


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