NVIDIA VS AMD – Graphics Card Master Race

NVIDIA VS AMD – Graphics Card Master Race

AMD VS NVIDIA - Graphic Card Master Race

Let’s be honest, this year has been rough for everyone but there was finally some good news for PC and gaming enthusiasts. On 1st September NVIDIA dropped its 3000 series of Graphics Card. The new Graphics Card released were RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090. Until you plan to game on higher resolutions like 4K or 8K, all of these cards are overkill. You will be fine with the RTX 2000 series for regular gaming and streaming.

NVIDIA RTX 3000 Series

RTX 3070 has 8 GB of GDDR6 with a boost clock of 1.73 ghz and costs ₹44,500. Whereas GTX 1080 ti with 11 GB of memory, costs almost ₹80,000, which lags behind on compare it with 3070. Even the RTX 2080 ti has 11 GB of memory and it’s not worth the money when you just get nearly same performance on a significant cheaper card (almost 1 Lac if you go for a well cooled 3rd party card).

RTX 3090 comes with whooping 24 gigs of memory and uses GDDR6X to run it. But this sheer performance beast comes at an arguably hefty amount in which one could build a whole gaming setup. It costs around ₹1,33,500 and would cost even more after 3rd party cards are released.

AMD is in the Graphic Card arena

NVIDIA won’t have an easy run because AMD also announced their RX 6000 series which AMD claims to be a 3000 series killer and will undercut NVIDIA . They will be coming out on 18th November so let’s see how they prove their claims over NVIDIA. Some benchmarkings have already been declared by AMD which show their cards are superior to the RTX 3070 and 3080 but the 3090 is still unbeaten.

One main problem with these cards are they require a very powerful CPU and PSU as they have voltage peeking issues. So everyone with a mid range CPU can say goodbye to their hopes of upgrading to a 3000 series card. The bottleneck seen here is like nothing we have ever seen before. It’s safe to say that these cards are ahead of their generation. But this won’t be a problem anymore after the release of AMD and Intel’s new CPUs. These cards are for high end gamers, content creators and enthusiasts.

NVIDIA’s GPUs also have been suffering from shortages and specifically the founder edition cards have been having worse circuits. Some other manufacturers have also run into the same issue except ASUS they have entirely.

For now most people would be fine with NVIDIA 2000 series cards. If someone wants to upgrade then the best option would be the RTX 3080 or you could just wait a little on AMD’s new graphic arsenal which could be more capable.

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