Changes in Youtube App UI – Similar to Instagram

Changes in Youtube App UI – Similar to Instagram


This year, there has being a tons of changes in Youtube app. We had talked about it in one of our previous articles. Lately, Youtube had pushed some updates in its layouts and in-app icons, which we all have noticed and we all have different opinions regarding the same. Let’s take a look at a few of the changes in the Youtube App Layout.

Now Youtube has sent the Notifications at the top, beside the search option and now you will find “Add” button in the middle. This layout looks pretty much like Instagram, and the addition of Youtube Shorts adds the essence.

You can notice the changes in the Icon, which looks smooth.

Description in Youtube App

When a video is open in Youtube, you can read the description using the drop-down option, but it isn’t the same now. Now when you open the Video Description, it slides up. This animation is pretty smooth, and the layout looks clean.

Youtube Comments

A few months back, Youtube had changed the location of the comments section. Before you had to scroll down through the recommended videos and at the bottom, you used to find the comments. But now it is moved just below the subscribe button and users find it useful. They can read and write comment while watching the video, and the comment section opens up in a separately like the description. 

Recommended Videos Layout

When you are watching a video on Youtube, under which you get many recommended videos. Before, the recommended videos used to have a small thumbnail on the left, and beside it, you used to get the title, number of views. This layout is similar to the one we see on the web. Now Youtube has enlarged the thumbnail and had shifted the text underneath. 

Youtube app icons

If you have noticed, you can see that the Like, Dislike, Chat, Save(which used to be ‘Watch Later’) and many more icons have changed. As I said earlier, they have made the button look smoother and cleaner. If we make a comparison between the new and old button, the previous ones were somewhat cartoonish. 


These were some of the changes in the UI of Youtube App. In our opinion, the Youtube App looks more cleaner, and many users loved the shifting of the comment section to the top. We didn’t find any issue with the changes, but it seems like Youtube is trying to attract everyone by providing an alternative to Tiktok, just like Instagram. 

You can share your opinions about these changes and let us know if you found some other change on the Youtube App in the given tweet.


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