An Image can crash your phone – The Terror Wallpaper

An Image can crash your phone – The Terror Wallpaper

One of the famous tech handles, @UniverseIce(Ice Universe) on Twitter tweeted regarding a wallpaper involved in crashing your android device. The tweet contains an image which can crash your device if you set it as your wallpaper. Moreover, he says that this issue is serious for Samsung users.

It’s really hard to believe that wallpaper image can do so but when people tried it on their Samsung Device or pixel device, the device got crashed.

He mentioned that when he uploaded the image on Weibo, some features of it changed and it removed the harmful elements from it. Whereas on Twitter the image remained the same and is still harmful. This shows the image processing of Weibo and Twitter are different.

Terror Wallpaper
Terror Wallpaper

He said that the reason could be the colour gamut but one of the replies suggested that the image is not harmful when you take a screenshot of it. Another user drew a line over it and tried it as a wallpaper and the device was fine.

One solution to this problem was to enter the device via safe mode and click a random pic from the camera and set it as a wallpaper. One of the users claimed, the device isn’t allowing him to enter through safe mode too.

Many users tried this wallpaper and had no issues. Few were iPhone users and few we’re Xiaomi users. One user tried it on his pixel device and his device got crashed. When he tried to go for the safe mode, the device wasn’t allowing him sufficient time go to change the wallpaper. Another user did the same with his Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the results were the same.

Ice Universe asked the developers to look into this issue and find an explanation for it.

Update(1st June 2020 – 09:10am IST):

Recently Ice Universe tweeted that Samsung has already received feedback regarding this issue. They have resolved it and will be releasing the firmware update soon.

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