Youtube has started displaying the views in Lakhs and Crores

Youtube has started displaying the views in Lakhs and Crores

Recently Youtube app has changed its counting format into ‘Lakhs’ and ‘Crores’. In South Asian countries, 1 Lakh (or Lac) stands for 100K and 1 Crore stands for 10 Million.

7 Lakh views = 700K views
7 Lakh views = 700K views

When we are opening the Youtube app, we find that on the homepage, the view count underneath the videos was either in Lakhs or Crores. Then we tried opening Youtube with the same account on the web. On the browser, the view counts were in International format.

When we open a channel or check the videos underneath of a video, the view counts are shown in International Format over there.

When we compare YouTube on different devices

Later we tried to compare two different accounts on two different smartphones. On one phone views were given in Crores, whereas on other it was showing in Millions. Then we compared the YouTube versions on both the devices. The first one which showed Indian Counting System was not updated whereas the other one was. It’s difficult to say whether the app version has any relationship but it’s worth noting.

Note that both the devices were running on Android.

You can share your screenshots and thoughts about it on our twitter thread.

This change has not taken place on everyone’s account. Many people are complaining regarding this issue on Google Support Forum as they find it a little annoying on their side.

It might be an experiment by YouTube, where they want to introduce a new counting format. In future, we might see this feature getting implemented globally. Many people are suggesting if we use a VPN or change the language, then we can get the older format back.

When I opened the app in the morning, it was different for me. Hardly people will prefer the newer format, as we are used to the older format.
Do let us know whether you have the new format on your phone or not. Also, will you prefer it over the older format?


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